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Friday, November 13, 2015

GOPDD: IOWA: Knoxville City Council voted to remove a Veterans Memorial because the cross on it offended some people

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So, on Election Day, Knoxville residents voted to remove something of theirs – the City Council members who voted to take it down. 

Breitbart  On November 2, the city council in a small Iowa town voted to remove a temporary memorial to fallen soldiers from a city park. The memorial was removed because an outside group complained to the city that the memorial featured a Christian cross. Only a day after the council voted to remove the memorial, the town voted to remove the council members.

Based on the complaint of a single citizen of Knoxville, Iowa, the anti-Christian group Americans United for Separation of Church and State swooped down on the city with a threatening letter, demanding that the town council remove a temporary display to veterans that had been placed in the city’s Young Park.


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