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Thursday, September 1, 2016

GOPDD: Black Lives Matter EXPOSED As a Terrorist Organization & Democrat Party Scam Funded By The Evil George Soros [Video]


DC Gazette Bill Whittle describes Black Lives Matter as a Democrat Party scam which is a combination street army, terrorist organization and voter turnout machine. He says it “Has killed and will continue to kill policemen, white people, Hispanics and Asians. Oh, and Black Lives Matter gets black people killed too.
Whittle says, “Let’s start by disassembling the lie that BLM is based upon, the idea that white people, especially white policemen, are exterminating young American black males. He cites statistics gathered by Heather Mac Donald, true statistics which run directly opposite of the propaganda that BLM, Soros and the regime operatives as well as the media are dispensing to the American public.


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