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Saturday, January 7, 2017

GOPDD: MEDIA BLACKOUT: Blonde Girl GANG RAPED By Obama’s Thugs, Shot, & Body Fed To Alligators


Freedom Daily reports 

Under our race-baiting president, racial tensions have reached an all-time high in America. The domestic terror group Black Lives Matter continue to call for the massacre of white people, as Obama continues to legitimatize their antics by giving them invites to the White House. As the hateful rhetoric on the left continues to metastasize, another horrifying hate crime against a white teenager is coming to light that the liberal media is frantic to keep buried.
Whenever whites are victimized by blacks, the left will always downplay all mention of race, as evidenced several days ago when the liberal media refused to label the kidnapping and torture of a white Chicago teen a “hate crime.” But what happened to a white North Carolina teenager is so savage, is will prove even further how badly racial tensions have deteriorated under Barack Hussein Obama, despite his recent assertion to the contrary.


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