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Sunday, March 12, 2017

GOPDD: Leftist Baby Sitting Serivce Allows Liberal Parents To Riot, Protest & Burn Shit Down While Their Kids Get Indoctrinated



Leftist Baby sitting service for libtard parents or partners (eye roll) so they can riot, protest and burn shit down while their kids get indoctrinated by Thuggery 101
Heat Street Have you ever wanted to attend a mass protest, serve on a feminist panel, or lecture an unsuspecting group of tourists about the gender spectrum only to discover that you can’t get a babysitter on short notice?
Well, fear not—at least, fear not if you’re a resident of the greater Washington, DC, area. “Woke babysitting” a new “activism-oriented babysitting community” is here to step in to care for your progressive tots while you practice social justice out in the community.TO READ MORE:

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