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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lisbon Town Employee Steals Over $1000. OK, So What About The Missing $32,500?

Lisbon town worker charged with theft

AUBURN — A Lisbon Recreation Department worker was charged with theft from the town, according to documents in Androscoggin County Superior Court.
Eva Noddin, 43, of Lewiston appeared in 8th District Court in Lewiston last week on the theft by unauthorized taking charge. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison. She is accused of stealing more than $1,000 of town money.
She was released on personal recognizance and was ordered not to return to the Lisbon Recreation Department.
Noddin was recognized last year by Lisbon for her five years as a town employee.

Read more here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Town Manager and the Town Council are at it again

All Lisbon Residents

The Town Manager and the Town Council are at it again. It is budget season and the Town Manager and Town Council are hiding outrageous spending. They are blaming raising taxes again this year on the decrease in state and federal funding. After reading the information below, see if you agree.

At the 12 April 2011 Public Hearing on the budget, the Town Manager did not give a presentation justifying their spending instead he tried to cover it up. The town budget should be prepared to show the residents where and why they are increasing spending or decreasing services to the residents.

The town budget has several items in there which needs to be addressed. In the latest budget proposal, five wage workers are losing their jobs in order to provide salary increases to personnel already receiving the highest salaries in the town. Originally, the Town Manager recommended six individuals to receive a ten thousand dollar pay raise. Below are the individuals and their current salaries (these figures were provided by the town):

Stephen Eldridge $83,842
David Brooks 68,653
Ryan Leighton 69,310
Sean Galipeau 53,840
Wayne Ricker 46,616
Mark Stevens 36,144

*The current proposal still has $13, 127 increases in the Town Manager’s budget. I believe the breakdown is $10,000 for his salary and $3,127 for his secretary’s professional development.

At the Public Hearing the Town Manager stated only two of these individuals were going to get the raises. One was the Town Engineer, Ryan Leighton, who is now going to receive an 8% increase to offset the additional duties as the Director of three departments which already have Directors in the proposed budget. One department is Public Works and Mr. Beale will receive the same salary he current is receiving but as a wage employee. It will be the same for the other two departments. These new wage workers will be eligible to collect overtime at the expense of the residents of Lisbon. This is their idea of cutting operating cost. It is a new scam.

The old scam was to inflate salaries as they hired new personnel. A prime example of this scam is in the Economic Development Department. Three directors ago had a Masters Degree in Economics’ and was paid $42,000. The next director had an Associated Degree in Liberal Art (which has nothing to do with Economics’) and received a salary of $60,000+. I guess it is who you know. The current director has a Masters Degree in Economics’ and is receiving $55,000. The key players in this town are receiving inflated salaries.

Another example of why our taxes are so high is the Town Engineer position. I believe it requires a Civil Engineer and the current Town Engineer is a Mechanical Engineer receiving $69,310 of our tax dollars. There is a great deal of difference between a Civil Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer. I do not see how the current individual is qualified to hold this position.

However, all of these scams are perfectly legal because the Town Council approved them. There is no one in the Town of Lisbon that can tell me the Town Council has the best interest of the town or its residents at heart when voting on such items. There are numerous other items going on which are not in the best interest of the town but because the Town Council rubber stamps anything the Town Manager puts before them they will continue to raise our taxes. I believe two councilors spouses are operating businesses out of their residence which is zoned residential. If true, this is a violation of our town ordnances. But the bigger question is why hasn’t anyone addressed this issue before. Town councilors should be setting the example not be the offenders.

The real injustice in the Town of Lisbon is residents never come out and speaking up at town council meeting before the items are approved. At Town Council meeting there is two of us speaking out trying to make a difference. The only time we see the rest of the residents is after the fact. Everyone was so upset after last years tax increase but once it is done it can not be changed. Now is the time to speak out. 

Come to the final budget meeting on 3rd May 2011. It is currently being held at the new Lisbon Community School Cafeteria at 7:00PM.

My personal feelings is any Councilor who votes for any budget increasing our taxes again this year need to be immediately recalled. We need Councilors who have the town’s best interest at heart.

Larry Fillmore
Lisbon, Me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet and Greet Gobernatorial Candidate Paul LePage Dec. 17th at MTM

Dear Lisbon Reporter,

     Just wanted to let you folks know that you are welcome to a Gubernatorial Meet and Greet with Mayor Paul LePage of Waterville. It will be at the Marion T. Morse Center on December 17th from 6:00-8:00. There will be light refreshments served. You may contact Randy or Allyson Korsiak of 42 East Avenue, Lisbon Falls at 353-2335.Thank you for your time.

Allyson J. Korsiak

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wednesday Evening Entertainment

Brian Patricks will entertain the Lisbon Historical Society members and
guests on Wednesday evening September 9th in Rm 6 of the MTM Center.
Doors open at 6:30. The meeting starts at 7 PM with a brief business

The public is welcome and there is no charge.

This time only, attendees must use the front entrance to MTM.

Want to learn more or listen to his music simply click here.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


For those who could not attend last Monday’s 1:00 PM Stephen King presentation, Rocky Wood, Australian writer, and chronicler of the works of Stephen King, will return for an evening presentation at 7:00 PM Tuesday July 28th in Rm 6, MTM Center, 18 School Street, Lisbon Falls. He will welcome questions and small talk, and would be pleased to view any memorabilia relating to Stephen King.

Call Dot Smith at 353-8510, or e-mail Bill Barr at for more info. No charge, and the public is welcome.

Excerpts from Rocky Wood interview on Tabula-Rasa.

"TR: And then there's Stephen King country... You have visited Maine a couple of times. How do the locals react to your research?

RW: I've now been five times – I last got there in March last year; and I'm back there in July, doing some lobster fishing, touristing, working on a new book, and catching up with my many Mainer friends.

I've made some wonderful friends there – some of those who I originally met on my research, like Marsha DeFilippo (SK's personal assistant) and Stu and Penney Tinker (of Betts Bookshop), I regard as close personal friends. We spend more time talking about other subjects than we do about SK when we get together!

I've found that people in Bangor and Orono (SK's papers are at the University of Maine there) are always happy to talk about SK, and particularly to tell you of he and Tabitha's generosity; and to share their own anecdotes of coming across him around town.

When I did my research in Lisbon Falls and Durham (where Steve grew up in his teenage years) all the people in the area were very friendly and helpful. SK is regarded very well there and has contributed in many ways to their communities (for instance, funding a children's library). Of course, I am interested in his work and his inspirations and I don't deal with personal questions – I'm not interested in gossip, or trying to pry into his 'life' – biography if you will. So, I think that helps. The people at the Lisbon Historical Society (who I mention in Stephen King: The Non-Fiction) are truly wonderful and have helped my long-distance research on many occasions. Dot and Bill are wonderful – Bill will even drive half way across the State to check things in libraries and so on, for which I am mightily grateful."


Thursday, July 16, 2009


On Monday July 20th at 1:00 PM, Rocky Wood, prominent Australian writer, and chronicler of the life and writings of Stephen King, will appear at the MTM Center gymnasium, 18 School St, Lisbon Falls, for a one-hour Q & A session. This event is sponsored by the Lisbon Historical Society and is open to the public at no charge.

Mr. Wood is regarded as a leading authority on Stephen King’s works and has co-authored four major books with world-wide distribution, as well as having authored many articles, all on the life and times of Mr. King, a former resident of Durham, and a graduate of Lisbon High School.

Mr. Wood will invite questions about his association with Mr. King, and welcome any anecdotes and displays of memorabilia relating to the early life of Mr. King.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Town of Lisbon Capital Improvement Plan

Did you know that the Town of Lisbon has planned Capital Improvement expenditures, in most departments through the year 2020 (and 2033 in the case of the Fire Department)?

Listed you'll find the Public Schools and other public buildings, Fire Department, Police Department, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and Solid Waste.

Take a look, and if you don't approve of where your money is being spent, SPEAK UP!

Here is the schedule for this year's budget workshops:

Town of Lisbon
Municipal Budget Workshop Schedule 2009-2010

December 16, 2008 Town Council Meeting/Municipal Capital Budget

January 6, 2009 Town Council Meeting – Set Budget Financial Guideline

February 3, 2009 Town Council Meeting

February 17, 2009 Town Council Meeting

March 3, 2009 Town Council Meeting

March 17, 2009 Town Council Meeting
School/Municipal Budget Presentation to Council & Budget Advisory Board

March 19, 2009 Thursday - Town Council Budget Workshop w/Budget Advisory Board
Department Presentations-
Tax Collection

March 24, 2009 Tuesday - Town Council Budget Workshop w/Budget Advisory Board
Department Presentations-
Town Clerk
Public Works
Fire Dept.

March 26, 2009 Thursday – Town Council Budget Workshop w/Budget Advisory Board
Department Presentations-
Administration/Town Manager

March 31, 2009 Tuesday - Town Council Budget Workshop w/Budget Advisory Board
Department Presentations-
Police Dept.
Solid Waste (Transfer Station)
Economic Development/GA

April 2, 2009 Thursday/Budget Advisory Board/Town Manager/Finance Director

April 7, 2009 Tuesday/Town Council Meeting/School Budget/Budget Advisory Board

April 14, 2009 Tuesday/Town Council Meeting/Budget Review/School/Budget Advisory Board

April 28, 2009 Tuesday/Public Hearing Town/School Budget, LCS 7PM

May 9, 2009 Public Hearing (if necessary Saturday)

May 12, 2009 Tuesday/Town Council Meeting

May 26, 2009 Tuesday/Town Council Adopt Budgets

June 2, 2009 Validation Referendum (10 days after adoption)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunshine Hill Neighbors Senior Center To Hold Christmas Party 12/19

The Sunshine Hill Neighbors Center at MTM Center, 18 School Street in Lisbon Falls, will be holding a Christmas Party for the community on Friday, December 19th, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, with entertainment by Randy Lindsey.

Please check the Center’s Activities Calendar for other upcoming events or if you have any questions please call Aline Strout or Sylvia Doughty at the MTM Center at 353-2749.

The Recreation Department has opened the doors to a new Senior Citizen’s program called the "Sunshine Hill Neighbors". This program is feasible because of a $20,000.00 grant that was received from the Maine Family Community Foundation and the Sunshine Hill folks of Lisbon Falls in October.

The grant has allowed for much needed renovations to the senior’s activity room. New carpet from Floor Systems, with furniture and a new LCD flat screen TV, all combined to create a home-like atmosphere. The room is outfitted with a projector and a large wall screen for movie viewing.

The program is available for adults 55+, and all activities are decided upon by the attendees, with staff to help facilitate and coordinate.
The Senior Center is open Mon-Fri 10:00-2:00 as a drop in center where games, TV, pool, foosball, movies and free coffee are available at all open times. The Center is offering cribbage and billiards, bingo, crafts, and lunches. So feel free to drop in to see what they have to offer and pick up an events calendar.

On October 28th, a group of 10 ladies carpooled to see "Secrets of a Soccer Mom" and lunch at Dudley’s. Lots of laughs and a wonderful lunch added to a rainy afternoon.
On November 14th, a chowder/soup luncheon was served at the Center to a group of about 20 folks.
On November 18th, the Center transported 13 people to the Christmas Tree Shops/Home Goods stores and lunch at the Olive Garden.
On Dec 5th, a chowder/soup luncheon was served at the Center along with some fine entertainment by Randy Lindsey, guitarist/vocalist.
Dec. 8th featured a cribbage tournament with the winner taking home a $50.00 gas card.
On December 9th, the Center offered a trip to the Victoria Mansion in Portland as well as lunch at The Country Buffet.