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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lisbon's Own Rockin' T Equine Rescue Needs Our Help

                                                     WE NEED YOUR HELP

The Rockin’ “T” Equine Rescue is owned and operated by Janet and Andy Tuttle since 1996 right here in Lisbon on Edgecomb Road. 

 Janet Tuttle

 What is it you ask?  It is a rescue shelter for all abused animals.  It started out as only a rescue shelter for horses but over the years has developed into an abused shelter for all animals.  

 These animals come from the State, Animal Control Officers and are even purchased at times in order to save these animals.  Currently, at this facility are 29 horses, 15 chickens, 1 lama, 1 Emu, 2 donkeys, 3 goats, 1 goose, 7 dogs and 3 cats.  These animals require a lot of attention every day of the week.  There are no days off for Janet and Andy Tuttle.  

 Warren Goddard

 Fortunately, Warren Goddard has volunteered his time and assists the Tuttle’s every day.  The Tuttle’s have other volunteers who help when they can.   As you can tell this is quite an operation but the Tuttle’s love for animals makes this worthwhile.

The Rockin’ “T” Equine Rescue is a non-profit organization under the provisions of 501©(3) IRS tax codes; who needs our assistance.  An undertaking of this size is very costly and this is where the residents of Lisbon and the State of Maine can help.  There are two ways people can assist.  The first one is to logon to which is a web site for the Bangor Savings Bank which has a contest going where the Bangor Savings Bank is giving back to the communities of Maine.  All you have to do is logon to the web site; click on the box which reads “Cast Your Vote Today”; scroll down to the section for “Portland/Lewiston-Auburn” and click on a write in box and enter Rockin’ “T” Equine Rescue.  THIS COSTS YOU NOTHING MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES OF YOUR TIME!  According to the information I have received 68 grants will be awarded.  The top vote-getting organization in each region, including write-ins, will receive $5,000.  The remaining 60 organization will each receive $1,000.  Any amount of money received will go a long way to feed, shelter and caring for these animals.

The second way is through tax free donations under the provisions of the 501©(3) of the IRS tax codes.  You simple login to the rescue web site and follow the instructions provide.  This web site is .  I completely understand that times are hard right now and every penny counts but this also applies to these animals.  If there are any organizations which would like to adopt the rescue farm or volunteer their time would be greatly appreciated.  REMEMBER ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  There are no donations too small and every bit helps!!!!!!!

If there are any questions or concerns you have or even want to donate your time, please do not hesitate to contract Janet or Andy Tuttle at 353-6581.

Larry Fillmore
Concerned Citizen

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