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Monday, January 27, 2014

Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots

Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots chronicles the history of aviation in Southeast Alaska, from the pioneer bush pilots integral to developing the area to today's bush pilots who keep commerce humming and communities connected. Through all the industry booms—mining, fishing, logging, tourism—Ketchikan's bush pilots have been a lifeline, serving as scouts, air taxi drivers, medivacs, and the Pony Express all rolled in to one. Without them, Ketchikan's remote communities would remain distant and sea-locked.
Often called "swashbucklers of the sky," Ketchikan's bush pilots are equal parts skilled and safety-conscious, a necessity in Southeast Alaska, where the weather can pick and roll on a penny. Told by pilots, dispatchers, and aviation mechanics, Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots is a window into the area's past and present. But the real star here is Alaska. Filled with celestial cinematography, the film showcases Ketchikan's very picturesque backyard, a stunning reminder for those who've been lucky enough to see it in person and a bucket list prompt for those who haven't.

Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots from Laurel Lindahl on Vimeo.

Submitted by: 'Friends of Flight'

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