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Thursday, March 27, 2014



This is the recap of Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting.  It started off with the Interim Town Manager briefing everyone on the negotiations with the insurance company pertaining to the fire at the Public Works building.

Truck – The town and insurance company have reached an agreement on compensation for the burned truck.  The insurance will pay $48,000.00 to the town and the town will keep the burned truck.  There are parts on the truck that were not damaged by the fire and the town can reuse them.  It will cost the taxpayers an additional $25,000.00 – 30,000.00 for the purchase of a new truck.

Building – There is no final agreement between the town and the insurance company but the insurance has offered $300,000.00 for the repair of the building.  The insurance company is also going to pay three months rental.  Currently, the town is paying $4,500.00 a month to Longchamps & Sons, Inc. for rental space.  The Town council will have to make a decision as to how to proceed forward from this point.  Mr. Olmstead presented four options to the council.  This will be added to next week’s agenda for more discussion and hopefully a decision.

The Council spent over 2 hours going over the four parts of the Public Works budget with Ryan Leighton.  These four are Town Engineer, Public Works Department, Winter Public Works and finally Solid Waste Department.

This was followed by the Parks Department budget with Verla Brooks, Park Ranger; then Mark Stevens with the Recreational budget.  These two budgets took less than a half hour. 

I personally believe there are three budgets that should be left alone.  They are the Recreational and Parks budget because they generate revenue for the town and they provide various services to all ages from Senior Citizens to the very young.  These two department heads never ask for anything that is not necessary.

The other department is the Library.  The Library has the Job Program and many many more programs for all ages.  Their summer reading program is excellent for our young people especially since the town closed the teen center.  The town does not provide any place for our teenagers to go for the past few years.  At least, these three departments provide some relief for our young people.

Larry Fillmore

Editor's Note:  It is unconscionable to see such a display of unprofessional decorum by the reigning council chairman for not have taken the initiative to provide a microphone for the interim Town Manager to use so that the taxpayers sitting at home watching could hear what is being said.  

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