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Sunday, May 18, 2014



This article may get lengthy so I will break it up into three parts.  This community is at a cross roads right now and has to make some very difficult decisions.  The decisions will affect the entire community and will be costly.  I, like a lot of citizens, are on a fixed income and with the cost of living as it is every penny counts.  However in June, we are being asked to vote on three bond issues.  I am going to try and defend MY choices.

First, I want to say for the first time I believe we have a good Council who, for the most part, are interested in doing what is right for the community.  I believe in Dale Olmstead, Interim Town Manager, and hopefully the next Town Manager, Diane Barnes.  These individuals have a very solid plan contrary to what False Deluder says and there is urgency in moving this forward.  First, is the fact the town is paying a monthly fee of $4,500.00 for space in another facility and second is everything must be in place before next winter?

It is easy in June to forget that Public Works needs to be able to keep our roads plowed and salt and sand put down during the winter months.  In order to prepare and accomplish this Public Works needs a facility.  Public Works employees work extremely hard to make sure the public remains safe on our roads at all times.  We call Police, Fire and Medical, Public Safety but the real Public Safety is Public Works because if these First Responders cannot get to you what good are they?

I am voting YES on the new Public Work’s garage for several reasons.  The current building does not allow for our fleet to be housed inside during winter months.  The mechanics are forced to work in cramped spaces and the ventilation is unacceptable.  This puts our employees at risk. 

I attend almost every meeting of the Town Council, unlike most of you and including False Deluder.  Mr. Olmstead outlined a detailed plan to resolve numerous town issues at one time.  The plan depends on the citizens voting to approve the bond for the new Public Works garage.  If the bond is approved, the town will purchase a building that will not only house the Public Works vehicles but also the school buses.    

This will allow Public Works to perform maintenance on the school buses eliminating outsourcing school bus maintenance.  The plan also includes moving the Lisbon Falls Fire Station into this facility, thus eliminating the traffic problem on Main Street during a fire.  The current Public Works garage will be converted to a salt shed which will cover our salt.

Yes, approving this bond will cost the taxpayers additional funds but spreading it out over years will reduce the impact.  I believe a new Public Works garage is essential to moving our community forward and it will eliminate several other problem areas at the same time which makes this very cost effective.

Larry Fillmore


False Deluder said...

This is why I like you Larry. You put things in perspective for us all who can't really attend all meeting and get our information, as best we can, from meeting notes, talking to town folk, and doing research. If everything that is planned for the purchased facility comes to fruition, that would be great. The reason I wrote my comment on an earlier post was because I'm still jaded and leery of the town council from the last few years. Thank you again. I guess I have more research to do, like most people, before making an informed decision JUNE 10th.

False Deluder said...

I've done some quick research and found some information. Not that the purchase of the building is a no for me anymore, but I found the following quotes for a brand new 30,000 square foot steel building.
Granted. This is only an estimate cost, I don't know what else would be needed, but you can see it is FAR less than $1.6 million.

Base Building $180,000.00
Accessories $36,000.00
Delivery $14,400.00
Estimate construction $250,000.00
Total Cost: $480,400.00

Anonymous said...

What happens to the insurance money? How much did the insurance cut?

False Deluder said...

The insurance replacement cost was/is, I think $300,000.