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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Making the Right Choice for the Community Part 2 of 3 (Gym)

Part 2

The second bond issue is for a new gym.  This has a very high price tag attached to it.   However, the bond is for thirty (30) years which means the majority of us will never see it paid off. 

I am voting to approve this building of a new gym.  Again, I am on a fixed income but I believe that approval of this bond is in the best interest of this community.  The main reason I am in favor of this is because it provides the best chance to get our school system off probation.  However, there are many many more reasons for my decision.

Ride around town and see all the empty homes. We are losing friends and neighbors left and right.  This trend needs to stop and one of the best ways to do this is offer families an incentive to move to Lisbon.  Most parents, like False Deluder, are dedicated to their kids and want them to have the best opportunity possible regardless of what the parents have to sacrifice.  I believe that, if you build it they will come.

A state of the art gym will provide young people with a facility to play sports and to host numerous tournaments throughout the year.  Tournaments generate revenue for the school and revenue for the community.  A gym with all the bells and whistles which meets all the state, MPA and other organizations requirements will generate tournaments in every sport offered in Lisbon.

The revenue from these tournaments will mean that the school can convert the current gym into a Performing Arts Center.  A Performing Arts Center will then generate more revenue.  Generating revenue will help the taxpayers by reducing the cost of operating the school.

Parents driving to these tournaments will need to shop for gas and food for the family. The majority of these funds will be spent in our community.  This will generate additional revenue for our businesses.  This cannot be a bad thing.

This bond has a high price tag but it is an investment in our community.  This is an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue for both the school and the community.  The location of the new gym is right off Route 196 so it will be visible to all from the road.   BIW is going to be hiring more workers and these workers will need a place for them and their families; so why not Lisbon?

As Tracey Austin reminds us all, each year we wait the more it costs.  The time is right now, so let’s investment in our community.

Larry Fillmore

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False Deluder said...

The Gym bond is for 20 years.