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Thursday, April 9, 2015

NaturalNews: Mainstream media says these heavy metals are safe to inject, but not to drink‏

Mainstream media earns "F" in heavy metals science: 50 ppb of arsenic is dangerous to drink, but 50,000 ppb of mercury is safe to inject into children
Remember the recent scare story about 50 ppb of arsenic in California wine? This level was "dangerous!" according to the mainstream media.
But those same news outlets simultaneously insist that a 1000 X higher concentration of mercury is safe to inject!
No wonder the media earns an "F" in heavy metals science. Here's my investigative story and a new mini-documentary explaining the real truth you won't find covered anywhere else:
Here's the direct link to my mini-documentary exposing the Arsenic in California wine hoax:
Click here to watch it now on
A new report reveals that dramatic increases in the already overpriced cancer drugs have nothing to do with research and development costs as Big Pharma claims:
American health workers who were exposed to Ebola are returning to the U.S. to be voluntarily quarantined in hotels:
Coconut flour isn't just for gluten-free cooking. It's an excellent addition to a healthy diet:
 Why do we hear only one side of the vaccine debate? How does Big Pharma control the media? Here's how:

We've been led to believe vaccines eradicated many serious diseases. Common sense and a history lesson show us that public sanitation really deserves the credit:
 Our bodies do not recognize or properly utilize synthetic vitamins. Research is now saying synthetic folic acid can actually damage the body:

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: RSB and Jonathan Emord welcome Norm Singleton and Cheryl Chumley to discuss the FDA’s war on holistic health, Rand Paul’s candidacy and the contempt of Lois Lerner and the IRS. We’ll also talk to the founder of the 1st Church of Cannabis.
Call with your questions at 1-866-939-2355.
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 Big Pharma's exorbitant cancer drug prices are due to corrupt monopolies, not development costs, study shows
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CNN covers up government plan to put Ebola patients in U.S. hotels
(NaturalNews) The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has long since disappeared from the radars of the world's news media, with coverage falling off dramatically from its peak last year. That is especially true in the United States, but that coverage could...
Big Pharma generates $77.5 billion in revenue for every $1 million they give to corrupt politicians
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Nobody wants or needs GM potatoes, so why is Big Biotech intent on pushing it?
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Is synthetic folic acid toxic to your body? Research suggests 'yes'
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Coconut flour: What is it and how to best use it
(NaturalNews) Coconut has been traditionally cultivated for its raw coconut meat, oil, milk, water and most recently for its flour. The Philippines is now the largest coconut producing country and was the first to produce flour as a byproduct from its...
How corporate media pushes immunizations while censoring data that would expose vaccine dangers
(NaturalNews) The way the mainstream media continues to hype this latest measles "outbreak" is appalling, especially considering that measles is a benign condition not much different from chicken pox or the common cold in terms of mortality risk. Everywhere...
Big Food corporations adopt small business disguises to trick consumers
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How plumbing (not vaccines) eradicated disease
(NaturalNews) Vaccines get all the glory, but most plumbers will tell you that it was water infrastructure - sewage systems and clean water - that eradicated disease, and they're right. Polio thrives in fecal matter and is easily transmitted through...
Rate of hair loss, lesions in Alaskan polar bears skyrocketed almost 1,000% after Fukushima
(NaturalNews) Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea region of Alaska have suffered a surge in hair loss, according to a survey conducted by researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and an Alaskan...
Pentagon steps up special ops monitoring of social media sites
(NaturalNews) U.S. military special operations forces are elite commandos who are sent on high-risk, high-reward missions all over the world, on a regular basis. As such, they have increasingly turned to a method of open-source intelligence collection...
WI police will now forcibly take DNA samples from ALL citizens convicted for misdemeanors
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Brain-dead mainstream media: 50 ppb of arsenic is dangerous to drink, but 50,000 ppb of mercury is safe to inject into children
(NaturalNews) Last week, the mainstream media erupted with the news that a very small amount of arsenic was detected in California wines. All the usual media participants...
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