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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moxie & Maine "Where it all began"

 "You've Got Moxie" says Frank Anicetti of Kennebec Fruit Company at The Moxie Store in Lisbon Falls.

Watch & Listen to Maine's Mr. Moxie, Frank Anicetti

Kennebec Fruit Company on the corner of Routes 125 & 196 in Lisbon Falls.


Moxie was invented in 1876 and first given by the spoonful as an 'elixir' for 'medicinal purposes.'  Then in 1884 it was carbonated and served as a beverage.

Moxie, the bitter-sweet beverage that has been in the form of a carbonated beverage for 124 years. Frankly, it is the "oldest carbonated beverage on the market today".  It is considered to be the "beverage of gourmets".  The taste comes from the herbal root gentian.  You have to taste it for yourself.  But remember, "Don't spit it out".  Let it tickle your taste buds.

Be sure to check out "The Moxie Store" and pick up your "Original & Official" souvenir from this years Moxie Festival.  On a hot day there is nothing any better than a Moxie Ice Cream Cone to cool you down. It will put a smile on your face any day.

  Video, photos, & story by: Todd Comber

Have fun and we want to wish everyone a safe weekend.